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There is only 1 reason to watch The amazing race asia…

That is Natalie Glebova. *OOOoooooooOOOoooo”

Wiki Profile:
Natalie Glebova, (born November 11, 1981) is a Russian Canadian beauty queen who has held the title Miss Universe 2005.


Glebova was born in Tuapse, Russia. She is a classical pianist and also has won various regional gymnastic championships. Prior to competing at Miss Universe, Glebova worked as a model and received her Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management and Marketing at Ryerson University in Toronto. She has also worked as a motivational speaker for grade school and high school students.

Glebova currently resides in Thailand and is married to Paradorn (lucky @#$@$@) Srichaphan. The couple, who met during the 2006 Thailand Open, became engaged in April 2007 and were married on November 29, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2008, Glebova joined The Amazing Race Asia 3 and she partnered with Pailin Rungratanasunthorn. They represented Thailand.

Complete Wiki here.


Naruto Chapter 418 Spoiler

I heard Gaara will finally make an appearance.

What about Raikage’s squad? The last page in 417 looked pretty cool and would really like to see what those fellas can do. At least finally we can get to see a little on the capabilities of the other main countries.

Still waiting for the spoilers and confirmed manga. Watch this space.


No Gaara in sight so far. Only more pain.

Naruto 418
Naruto 418
Naruto 418

So Naruto has gotten to the point where he can go into Sennin mode without the oil

Fukusaku (thinking): “He hasn’t transformed into a frog but he does have the rings around his eyes…he might have even more talent than Jiraiya-chan…”

So next they will go into Sennin Mode training

That night

Naruto: “At this rate it’ll be no good…” *So Naruto trains at night (while of course keeping his nightly training a secret from Fukusaku)

Scene changes to Konoha

Shizune is examining the dead Pain body while others attempt to interrogate the other members of Akatsuki/Rain Village who were captured

Outside of Konoha,We see the body of a dead shinobi,Followed in the next panel by a lot more dead shinobi

Pain has finally made it to Konoha.


Say hello to the T-Mobile G1

Here’s the biggest news in the Tech industry this week… The Android-based T-Mobile G1. After many months waiting in anticipation, I bet most of us would want to see a working model of this phone. Finally it’s here.



Read the full report of the launch event from Boy Genius.

Looking at this launch, the G1 is significant in many ways as even Sergey Brin and Larry Paige were there, not to mention HTC’s very own Peter Chou. At least from Google’s perspective, the Android is the next step in its aspiration for world dominance. First the web then desktop and now… the mobile sphere. For HTC, this is definitely good news especially when it’s away from the sluggish and bloated Windows Mobile platform. I still can’t believe that Steve Ballmer would actually write the Android off
in his interview here. This is the same guy who said exactly the same thing about Apple’s iPhone before it was launched and we all know how that turned out…ass.

I have a feeling that Google is not even looking at competing against WM. They want to catch the bigger fish… or should I say the biggest fish – Symbian. Essentially with WM, first-timers will have a hard time getting used to all the functionalities – part of the reason why iPhone was so well embraced by everyone because of its straightforward and responsive interface. WM has been focusing too much on the enterprise segment and left it to the phone manufacturers to come up with cool interfaces so that first-time users wouldn’t be intimidated by it. One such example would be HTC’s TouchFlo 3D. Without TouchFlo 3D, WM devices would look like…err….. WM devices. There is no character and no WOW factor to it. Just straightforward computing…how boring is that right?


Back to Android, with backing and support from some of the largest companies in the world, there is no way that these people are just looking at 10% marketshare. There are still so many other pipelines to be tapped in the mobile industry and I can assure you that companies such as Intel, Motorola, Samsung or LG are not just looking at a “Mickey Mouse” show.

Personally, I believe Motorola will gain the most out of this alliance. The fallen angel of handhelds, once a big-time mobile handheld manufacturer but now relegated to the depths of the mobile abyss could see Android providing the lifeline that it has longed for.

Who knows but this year is certainly the year for mobile technology, iPhone, HTC, Google, Samsung, and etc. Also, guess what? WM7’s release date is said to be delayed…big surprise there.


Supposedly Amazing

I think we have heard enough off Naruto and its likes to last us a lifetime. So let’s move on to something that is ACTUALLY interesting – The Amazing Race Asia 3. I am a huge fan of the race and have followed the past  two seasons. So of course I was extremely thrilled when the third installment came out on September eleventh. Anyways, I have heard loads of people say that the race is so freaking easy and they  would be able to complete the race without much hassle. To these people, I would like to say – FUCK OFF!

I believe, this is one reality series that you are able to see raw human emotion. Under such extreme conditions do you see everyone reacting. I mean take for instance in the second episode,  we saw a grown man bawl his eyes out. I repeat – a grown man. Where else are you going to be able to see that. And he started crying when he saw the church. Past memories of an ex lover? Or maybe a sordid afair with the priest? We will never know. Well, apart from seeing Henry cry, we also heard the supposedly macho Geoff fess up that he is afraid of heights after he took three steps up the ladder (episode 1).  Of course we cannot forget Natalie, who decides that sleeping in the airport is the worse things anyone could ever make her do. Which actually makes her cry and is pisst that her partner is not understanding enough.

The third episode actually promises more drama.  

One of the challenges the contestants are faced with involves a vehicle. And of course some of the contestants are really divas and have never in their lives lifted more than their fork and spoon. Hence it is no surprise when they are not sure as to what they had to do with the vehicle before them. What more when oil and grease smears all over. Of course to add on to the drama, one of the contestants scuffs her nail (OMG) and decides that she has had enough. When her team mate calls her back for help, she scoffs her and says, “I guess we’re going to die here…”

If I was there, I guess someone would have gotten a real good spanking! (Now, whose your daddy!?)

Apart from that, while on the road, Henry and Bernie meet with an accident. What is scary is that Bernie falls right on the middle of the road with cars zooming past. But then again something bad always happens when it involves a vehicle, be it a bus, bicycle or a cab – something bad is bound to happen.

And of course someone gets eliminated. Find out who…


Money not enough in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe currency

Everybody is a billionaire.

Buying any of these packet food, you’ll probably need to spend at least 10 million dollars

Vegetables? 5 million dollars please.

To buy some eggs, 6000 million? Isn’t that like 6 billion?

How about to buy a chicken? Wonder how much that will cost.

Please prepare the money before eating in a restaurant.

Also, please remember to keep a few hundred millions for drinks after dinner.

When pay day comes, you’ll probably need a wheelbarrow to haul all the money that you will be paid.

Youngest millionaire?

If you don’t want to carry the bills, just change it to USD. Exchange rate format? Don’t count it, just weigh it.

Otherwise, this is what you should do everytime you go out to take the bus, taxis, etc.


Raikage Makes His Move!! Naruto 417 Download Now

Donwload it from Narutofan’s portal now.

Naruto Chapter 417


Bleach Chapter 326 Available Now!

Read the manga online now through Bleachexile’s portal.
Bleach 326
Bleach Chapter 326: Read Here