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Naruto 423 Available Now!

Go get the goodies at One Manga online viewer or read it here.

Naruto 423

Another cliffhanging ending to this chapter. Is Kakashi DEAD or ALIVE?


Naruto 423 Spoiler

No I don’t have the spoiler yet. I doubt it will arrive so early. Possibly tomorrow the earliest. However it is interesting to note the cool shit that happened in 422. Pein kicking Kakashi’s ass or should I say Pein kicking everybody’s ass. The invasion of Konoha is definitely heating up. Naruto is still no where to be seen while Tsunade has arrived. I was actually wondering:

1. Why did Pein expose himself to Konoha in such open fashion? Isn’t that tantamount to giving Konoha the opportunity to learn about his jutsus and being captured or has he gotten too arrogant for his own good? I thought a Shinobi’s approach is to be nimble and subtle?
2. It’s kinda strange that 2 years with Jiraiya and Naruto didn’t demonstrate that he has learned a lot while a short time with froggies and he learned Sage mode. WtF?

We shall see what is going to happen within the next few days. Meanwhile, feel free to post your predictions.

Just got this image. It looks like Kakashi is being owned.
Naruto 423

*Update 2*
I think this has been going around so here is a glimpse of what’s coming up for Naruto 423.
Naruto 423
Naruto 423
Naruto 423
Naruto 423

——- Start of Spoiler———

First, Chouji’s dad remarks how awesome Kakashi is.*

*You’d have to frequent 2 ch to get what the poster is saying.

Kakashi explains Pain’s powers and what their battle plan will be.

[Pain’s] power would appear to be the manipulation of gravity.*

*any force of attraction and repulsion, really.

Then [Kakashi] asks father and son to help, and they commence their attack.

Explaining the plan’s a drag so I won’t – suffice it to say father and son manage to restrain Pain.*

*The whole explaining the plan is a drag thing is a remark from the poster. 

Kakashi activates Raikiri, but The Ashura Man* stands in front to the cool guy* to blunt the attack with his body.

*Ashura Man: The Path of Ashura

cool guy: The Path of the Heavens (Yahiko)

Everyone: It moved again!? Kakashi: (please make it in time*)

*not sure if his attack’s not connected yet, or if he’s referring to something else.

There’s going to be a fusion (Naruto and Fukasaku?)

Pain: Doesn’t seem they/you(?)’re just pretending to be unable to move.

Kakashi: Too late…

Looking around, [Kakashi] sees Chouji and his dad, as well as the other reinforcements, all blown to the ground (looks like the cool guy’s doing)

Pain: It’s obvious you’re no kagebunshin. Consider yourself dead. (Better to err on the side of caution – I’m not about to make the mistake of going in close).

Takes some nails from the ground and points them at Kakashi.

Pain: Know pain!

Kakashi: True, there’s no dodging it from this distance…


———— End of Spoiler—————–

Not that great of a spoiler but I’ll try to keep everyone updated once I can find more new stuff around. I sure hope Kakashi doesn’t die. That would suck real major balls if that happen. We haven’t even had the chance to see Kakashi show how great a shinobi he is. Like from the anime, suddenly he could use Rasengan and he’d always comes up with some of the coolest moves around.

It’s not his time yet. Fucking Kishi, toying with our feelings.


————– Spoiler 2 ——————-

Source: 2ch,net
Credits: mEu7QoCCO

Kakashi: I know his power, now i can engage in real battle.
Pain: …
Kakashi: I must be careful though, there’s something about him that makes him unpredictable.
Pain throws ball.
Kakashi dies.
But it’s another Bunshin.
Kakashi comes from underground to land an uppercut.

Naruto is in mountains still training.
Fukasaku: Naruto, about the kyuubi, you should know that absorbing Nature chakra surpresses the quantity of kyuubi chakra in you. By surpressing it you minimize the risk of going to 4 tails. But if you run out of Nature chakra in a matter of seconds then that chakra which is compressed in you might explode and you’ll feel a certain burst of energy.
Naruto: What’s your point?
Fukasaku: Use it well.

Tsunade is helping civilians.
Sakura: Go help the village, i’ll take care of them.
Tsunade: Pain, here i come.
Prepare the special forces, Everyone target Pain.

Pain closes his eyes, and reopens them, he cites a jutsu and the chapter ends.

Next chapter: God is revealed.

———————– End of Spoiler 2——————————-

Very different but I would lean towards the first spoiler since the earlier image showed Kakashi being owned. Could both spoilers be true for this chapter?


Kakashi vs Pain: Naruto 422 Available Now!

You can now read the Naruto chapter 422 online courtesy of One Manga

Naruto 422


Naruto 422 Spoiler

I did not get to update the post last week but here we are again this week with Naruto 422.

Here’s the spoiler:
Naruto 422
Kakashi on the cover.

Konan turns into papers, asking around in the village.
Konan: Where is Uzumaki Naruto?
Ninja: I won’t tell

Scene changes.
Pain goes around asking for Naruto’s whereabouts while killing bunch of ninja.
Naruto 422
On top of the Hokage statues,
Tsunade summons slug
and let her treat the injured villagers

Scene changes to Kakashi.
Attack fails.
Pain takes off his clothes and reveals himself as Asura-like (with many faces and hands)
The surprised Kakashi is sucked towards Pain.
He immediately stabilize himself.
Kakashi (So this is his ability!)
One man can’t win against him. I need to call for back-up. At that moment, his abdomen is pierced by Pain.
Naruto 422
But it’s just a raiton kagebunshin.
Then two giant hands appear behind Pain.
Naruto 422
One down, Kakashi.
Chouji and his dad show up.
Naruto 422
NAruto 422
Kakashi climbs out from rubbles. Actually I’d also completed my preparation.
But still thanks for the help.
Naruto 422
The end.


Naruto 420 *Spoiler*

That time of the week is here again! More spoilers. What will it be this time? What will happen to Naruto? What will happen to Konoha with Pein invading it? How about Madara or Sasuke? The Sharingan-ers will surely have something up their sleeves as well. What will Akatsuki do without completing the extraction jutsu?

—————————— Start of Spoiler—————————————
Naruto 420

Naruto 420
Iruka runs to a heavily injured ninja

But he encounters Pein…

Pein: Tell me where the jichuriki is. Otherwise you’re dead.’

Iruka (he’s from akatsuki…) I’ve no intention of telling someone like you

here a black pole is about to stab iruka when kakashi interupts
Naruto 420
Kakashi: You’re really going to town huh? drawing everyones attention so you can search every nook and cranny?

Kakashi tells the other ninjas to back off.

Kakashi fires up a chidori but for some reason it’s dodged

“Hatake kakashi….it’s a pleasure ot meet you. where’s the kyubi?

Kakashi: that’s a dumb question

*kakashi tries chidori again but is sent flying by an ‘attack wave’*

meanwhile Naruto…
Naruto 420
Apparently Sage mode has a risk with it.When naruto hears that (the risk is that in order to do it you need to be completely still which is impossible in battle)(but in order to remove the risk Fukasaku will sit on his shoulder)

Back in konoha

‘zune works out what the black pole isIt’s a chakra conductor (It’s not explained in greater detail)

Then Ino’s papa arrives at the brain?

At that time fat Pein fires a LAZER from his head and causes a huge expolsion

hinata, shino, kiba: !?
Naruto 420
chouji, ino: !

ino: what the hell’s that?g

Tsunade: (he finally came, huh?) sound the emergency alarm. After that…..order Naruto back
Naruto 420

——————————- End of Spoiler—————————————–

Here is the question. If Pein is soooooooo strong…. why does he have to answer to Madara? I mean how much more powerful can he get? Now I am very curious about what Madara can do. Is the Sharingan really that powerful? If it is, will we one day see Sasuke go back to Konoha and have a Naruto vs Pein / Sasuke vs Madara fight?

That’ll be really cool. Most likely more cool than the 3rd Hokage’s fight against Orochimaru (which was nonetheless one of the best if not the best fight so far since it showed a glimpse of the previous Hokages’ capabilities).

Speculations and more speculations. Kishi is really killing us isn’t he?


Naruto Episode Shippuuden 078 – 079 is out!

To all you folks who have been waiting for this, you can now download the torrent from Dattebayo’s web portal.

Naruto Shippuuden 078 – 079 Torrent Seed


Naruto 419 Officially Out!

What a good chapter this is. Pein is now terrorizing Konoha, Raikage is assembling his team while Killerbee “deliberately” lose to Sasuke so that he can get away from his brother to become a rap artist. Seriously, you have to give Kishi for coming up with the weirdest plots. Who would have thought the 8-tails is a rapper? It’s getting more twisted than ever. 

Invasion of Konoha

Invasion of Konoha

 A few things were interesting though. Killerbee apparently had the upper hand while fighting Sasuke. That probably meant that he didn’t finish him off and used the situation to give himself some time away from his village. Besides that, it is also very interesting to see that Killerbee and Hachibi have such a good relationship.

Now comes the question, “Will Naruto be able to strike such a relationship with the Kyuubi?” What will happen then after that? What kind of power will he be able to wield? It seems Kishi is building Naruto into a uber-character and right now he is putting him through all the training before showing some real skills in the future. Not sure how long that will take especially right now Pein is invading Konoha.

Anyway, if you have not seen the chapter yet, check it out from Narutofan.

Download Naruto Chapter 419: Attack!