Naruto 426 Predictions

 Naruto vs Sasuke

425 came and gone and now we are left high and dry…….. AGAIN! When is Kishi going give us what we want for AT LEAST ONE chapter? I am longing for that one chapter when he reveals a load of stuff. As of now, it seems that we have more questions than answers.

Here are some questions first before we go over to predict what’s going to happen in Naruto 426.

1. What in the world was Konohamaru doing at the end of chapter 425? (I think this one is driving everybody nuts)
2. For the 3rd week now…Is Kakashi dead or alive?!?!?
3. What is next for Naruto? Will he or will he not learn the sage technique? How is he going to learn the sage technique? Will we ever see Naruto perform something using Sage techniques? Probably NOT!
4. What is Danzou’s plan?
5. So now…. is the cloaked guy with one Sharingan Madara or Tobi?
6. What is Pain’s secret?
7. Where is Raikage and friends and what are they up to?
8. Will Naruto learn to unlock the power of his 9-tails?
9. Sasuke! Sasuke! Where are you?????????

1. We still don’t know where Konohamaru is exactly at. My guess is that he actually stumbled into the REAL Pain and is scared shitless not knowing what to do.

2. Kakashi is………………………………alive. Compared to Jiraiya, Kishi is currently giving Kakashi a cliffhanging turn of events in Naruto. I’d be surprised if Kakashi were to die.

3. Naruto WILL NOT learn sage technique. Instead, Naruto will learn to unlock the power of the 9-tails because Fukusaku realized that without sage technique, he can’t beat Pain. So the only way to fight Pain is to take the risk of releasing the 9-tails seal and teach Naruto the way to handle the Kyuubi. I am still waiting to see a bunch of new jutsus from Naruto instead of the usual stuff (you know what I mean)

4. Danzou will gather a couple of the rogue Anbu’s to infiltrate Konoha from the inside. Sai on the other hand will go against Danzou and instead play a significant role in containing Danzou’s plans.

5. Cloaked guy with Sharingan is Uchiha Obito. He could be the one to rescue Kakashi as they are still bonded by their childhood link. Kakashi will battle Tobi due to a clash in idealogy. Tobi wants Kakashi to join him but Kakashi wont….the start of an epic battle.  

6. Konohamaru has discovered Pain’s secret. The REAL Pain needs to be completely undisturbed when he’s using the six paths of pain. Konan is generally the one guarding him when he’s in his Pain Mode. There is NO WAY that Pain has no weaknesses.

7. Raikage will arrive at Konoha. Danzou will provide false information to Raikage about Konoha trying to capture Killerbee. In the end, There will be a huge fight between both countries.

8. Naruto will learn to unlock his 9-tails’ chakra. Not sure what capabilities he’ll get as of now.

9. *Here’s a crazy prediction* Once Naruto becomes ultra powerful, Kishi will turn him into a villain. Naruto becomes the ultimate enemy of Konoha while Sasuke and his team will instead save Konoha from Naruto and the Kyuubi’s destruction. After a massive battle with countless number of shinobis sacrificed, Sasuke manages to suppress the Kyuubi and Naruto while saving Konoha. After that, we shall see the beginning of a new era with an Uchiha finally becoming Hokage of Konoha.


12 Responses to “Naruto 426 Predictions”

  1. 1 NArutofan23
    November 25, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Wasn’t konan asking other ninja of Konoha where Pein was?
    and also the last one is crazy but a possiblity and the rest especially the kakashi and Obito fight could actually happen.I am guessing 60%

  2. 2 narufan
    November 26, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Man… I really DO NOT AGREE whith that predctions…

    PLZ… obito is dead… will appear only in flash backs.
    Naruto won’t just learn sages techniques, but he will adapt it… and he still have an heritage from his father(Don’t know what it would be, but i’m pretty sure that will be awsome.)… 9-tail’s chakra is EVIL and that’s whi Naruto wont depend on it to be the ultra poweful shinobi that we know he’s gonna be…

    I think that Kakashi is the link betwin Neruto and the 4th. Something will be shown to us soon in the Kakashi’s flash-backs…

    Don’t know what to think about Danzou, Raikage or Killerbee.

    God Bless Kakashi… and save him!!!!

    Sorry about my english….

  3. 3 ahabion
    November 26, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    I think that the one eyed Sharingan user is Madara… if I’m not mistaken, did he introduce himself as Madara to Sasuke?

    Naruto will learn the sage techniques and be able to learn them without fusion with the sage frog. The body that they have of one of Pain’s is actually Jiraiya with the chakra bars inserted into him (they never recovered Jiraiya’s body) and the one that Jiraiya supposedly killed is still alive (hence the multiple summons each of the Pain bodies currenly have)

  4. 5 Narufan
    November 26, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Hey…Jiraiya`s body is in the deph of Lake… summoned by Jiraya himself. Isn`t it??

  5. 6 vedx
    November 27, 2008 at 1:21 am

    So thats what Naruto said to Yamato… that “A dying fire can be saved by the power of the wind!”


    its going to be fun….. if Naruto turns into a villian….. “Attleast for Sasukes sake”….

    And Naruto will master Kyuubis power control than the Sage tech…….. possibility is if he becomes a Sage too soon……. he ll be almost invincible….

    So wild guess is the Kyuubi……. bcoz if Naruto becomes a Sage…. Kyuubi will become useless in the story!!
    And he will not be in a ninja class also….. not even as a Genin.. if he become a sage that is!!

  6. 7 igmad
    November 27, 2008 at 9:29 am

    just think about it..
    Naruto will master some of Itachi’s powers

  7. 8 vOxdei
    November 27, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    the prediction on number 5. is stupid.. because kishi already showed us that it is Uchiha Madara.. (you can read over some chapters after the battle between Itachi and Sasuke.)

    About Naruto being a sage.. HE IS A SAGE, its just that without the frog guy he cant be using it for a long time.. (he needs to draw the other chakra.. that is why he needs the frog.. to keep the sage mode trough the whole battle.. but he is a sage now..) about the kyuubi,..they did mention the key for the kyuubis chakra.. so if hes not gonna master it, then there was no point in ever talking about the key..

    the 9. is just… well its just that I dont like it..( but it may happen) 🙂

  8. 9 Tardon
    November 27, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    I thought about it, are you retarded?
    How the hell would Naruto master itachi’s power, for starters Itachi is an Uchiha, witch Naruto isn’t, ergo he has no sharingan plus he hasn’t got even neraly the ninja skills to use any of the genjutsu or ninjutsu (dojutsu) that Itachi preforms. The only thing that makes Naruto special (apart from the kyuubi) is a massive amount of chakra and a lot of determination.

    How about that Naruto somehow manages to fuse witch the kyuubi insted of that frog sage?

  9. 10 leox
    November 27, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    I’d like to correct some of your prediction:
    Naruto WILL learn sage tecniques, an the one who has to stay firm will be the Kyuubi, like the 8-tailed beast who put chackra into killerbee to neutralize genjutsu…
    Kakashi isn’t dead for sure
    Tobi probably really is uchiha madara, but sasuke is only fooling him, because he could never go against his brother last desire to save konoha, and so he will be helped by Naruto (wind+fire) to definitely destroy him
    I think you’re right about konohamaru
    Danzou is probably trying to start an huge war gaining the title of hokage, and sai will be determinant to stop him…

  10. 11 igmad
    November 29, 2008 at 1:14 am

    for tardon..
    I made out prediction based on episode 403, if you already read it..
    I think itachi give some of his power to naruto via his crow bunshin and I assume all of sharingan users most likely have the ability to give their power to another person freely.
    To naruto, itachi’s power may not be the sharingan

    sorry guys if i make a narrow minded prediction, it’s just my opinion..

  11. 12 ahabion
    December 16, 2008 at 5:50 am

    I’m thinking that Kakashi is dead… hence the Hokage got pissed off and smashed down something prior to one of the Pains confronting her and the assisting ANBU. Remember, she summoned her slug thing that split apart to all the ninja’s across Konoha… so she knows who is dying based on the feed back she is getting from her summon.

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