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bush in boots

What a way to say farewell. This is seriously some funny shit.

I was also wondering that if the journalist was able to throw a pair of shoes at “Commander in Chief of the Most Powerful Nation in the World”, what is stopping him from throwing something more lethal? I suppose the US is cutting back on allocating Secret Service agents to protect Bush and instead assigning them to Obama no?

At times like these, I can think of a million things the Iraqis would like to throw at Bad Bush. Maybe next time his bodyguards will be more weary and do their job instead of letting another the Prime Minister from another country shield him.

Size 10 eh? LOL

Read it here @ BBC


Jennifer oh Jennifer!

Can’t wait to get my hands on the January 09 issue of GQ. I am pretty sure it’ll be a collector’s item.


Jennifer Joanna Aniston (born February 11, 1969) is an American film and television actress. She became famous from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s for playing the role of Rachel Green in the popular US sitcom Friends, a role for which she won an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

She has starred in several Hollywood films. While most of her film roles have been in comedies such as Bruce Almighty, Office Space, Rumor Has It, and the romantic comedies Along Came Polly and The Break-Up, she has also appeared in films from other genres, such as the crime thriller Derailed.


Naruto 428 is OUT!

Naruto 428

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Naruto 428 Spoilers

Another week and we all can’t wait to see what happens next in the realm of Naruto. Here are some preliminary spoilers. Good to just get our anticipation flowing.

————————- Start of Naruto 428 Spoiler #1 ————————————–

Long hair Pain appears before Team Inoichi.
Then Neji’s father appears.
Neji: “This guy is strange…”
Inoichi team: ?!

Change to Shino’s family.
They’re trying to fight Konan, but she turnes into paper and escapes, however they planted a bug on her.

Change to Tsunade.
She starts talking to Pain and a fight ensued between both
She pretends that was attracted by his gravitation, but then gives him a single blow.

Konan then appears.
Tsunade: ?!
Pain crushes in mountain.
Tsunade: “You used your repulsive power to throw yourself to the rear?”

Verification: Pending

Tsunade is astonished to see pain. Pain uses one of his never seen moves and defeats everyone except for Tsunade.

With only pain and tsunade left, the fifth hokage has few flashbacks witch gives her the strength to fight pain, the latter, with his new technique, defeats the hokage, who lies on the ground wounded…

Meanwhile Naruto, thanks to his kage bunshin, learns how to use the hermit mode while moving.

—————————- End of Naruto 428 Spoiler #1 ——————————————–


——————————– Start of Naruto 428 Spoiler #2 —————————————–

Verification: Pending
Source: w9+CVDggO@2ch
Credits: TDA@narutochaos

捕まる木の葉丸。助けようとエビスが突進するが跳ね返される。捕まりながらもペインの能力を見 定めはじめる 木の葉。が、魂が抜かれていく。そんな中、ナルトとの修業を思い出す。

Konohamaru gets caught. Ebisu charges in attempt to rescue him, but gets fended away. Even when caught, Konoha (maru) tries to decipher Pein’s powers. But, his soul gets slowly dragged out. During that moment, he remembers the training he went through with Naruto.


Smoke surrounds Konoha(maru) and then Rasengan!!


I am genin of the Sarutobi clan, last name Sarutobi, first name Konohamaru – remember that!!

Pein is defeated

Tsunade and Pein. From conversation, it looks as though she realized that this is Yahiko.

Pein asks where Naruto is.

そのあと何やら人柱力、戦争について話す。そして協力するなら助けるとペイン。五影をなめるな と綱手。そし てナルトは手に入らない、ナルトは強いぞ!!!!!!
Then they start babbling about Jinchuuriki’s and wars. Pein says that he will spare her life if she cooperates. Tsunade tells him to not underestimate the 5-kages. And tells him that he won’t get Naruto, as Naruto is strong as well.

Shizune’s group is talking to the Angou-bu (code-deciphering group) about the information they have on Pein.

They start to realize the nature of the chakra signals manipulating these dead bodies.

The long-haired Pein appears. He grabs Shizune’s head, and threatens to kill her if anyone moves.

He peers into her head and finds out that Naruto is in Myoubokuzan.

Tendou-pein gets this message – on to next week.


——————————– End of Naruto 428 Spoiler #2 —————————————–


If you had the power…

If you had the power to determine the ending of Naruto, how will it be?

1. Will you want the ending to be at the point where Naruto becomes Hokage?
2. Do you want to see the end of the Shinobis?
3. Do you want to see a new generation of young ninjas?
4. Do you want to see Naruto becomes a rogue Shinobi and destroys everything in the ninja world?
5. Do you want Sasuke to be Hokage?
6. Do you want to see both Naruto and Sasuke dies and left with Sakura to become Hokage?

What is it?


Naruto 428 Predictions

1. Kakashi will survive
2. Flashback on Pein’s history during Tsunade’s fight
3. Naruto learns to gather sage energy while moving
4. “The real one is not with them” <– does this mean all the Peins in Konoha are not the real one? Then we might see the “real” Pein in the next chapter
5. We see Hyuuga clan get some airtime


Naruto 427 now available!

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