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Naruto 431 Spoiler

[SPOILER 1: Unconfirmed]
The chapter opens up to Naruto facing Pain.
Naruto: Let’s do this.
Pain: Very well then, Jinchuuriki.
Summoner Pain steps forth with an array of summons. (Those crazy dogs, a beetle, a bird, a dragon and a panda.)

All the frogs prepare for battle. Tsuande and Anbu are shocked.
Naruto: Gamaken, Gamabunta and Gamakichi NOW!!!

All three toads shoot oil on the summons except the bird.
Gamaken: I missed one. My aim is bad.
Gamabunta: Shut up Gamaken four is good enough.
Naruto: Sage arts! Katon: Wildfire technique!
A powerful eruption of flames and fireballs spew forth from Naruto’s mouth burning the summons to a crisp. Leaving a thick smoke behind.

Pa Toad asunder the bird with a wind technique. The bird explodes into white smoke.
Naruto spots the summoner within the smoke, then he takes off at lighting speed and vanishes in the smoke. The Summoner body is seen flying out the smoke spiraling into the ground with a thud that leaves a billow of dust behind. That leaves God Realm, Hungry ghost, Hell Realm and Human realm left.

God Pain: You’re tougher than i thought.
Naruto: *thinking This guy is like my kage bunshin jutsu. All replicas, but not real. I know!*
Naruto smirks with a kage bunshin handseal.


Naruto 417 Spoiler

Here is the preliminary spoiler for Naruto chapter 417. Looks like another boring chapter with more “pre-action” scenes rather than actual action or actual story telling. It gets very annoying sometimes when the same scene is actually dragged by over a couple of chapters.

Boy I hate waiting weeks just to find out what’s going to happen after a cliffhanger.

Will continue to update it once I get more information.
Naruto 417
Naruto 417
Naruto 417

—————————– Start of Spoiler ———————————
Cover: Raikage

Naruto’s training without the oil, but it doesn’t go too well, and Fukasaku keeps complaining that he is not concentrating enough.

Scene change to Sasuke’s group

Suigetsu’s alive

Everyone’s chatting about whether or not they will have the 8-tail’s power or not.

Sasuke: Who knows. But we no longer have a need to rely on that power

Suigetsu: Why?

Sasuke : (I have obtained a new power… more than enough power to destroy Konoha)

Sasuke reaches out to his cup to get a drink of water, but spills the cup

Looks like his eyesight is already hazy (although he really didn’t use it too much lol)

Karin: !
There is an enemy outside! We were being followed!

Scene change to outside

The black guy that was observing the 8-tail’s battle gets immediately surrounded by Sasuke’s group.

Cute black girl: We’ve lost communication from Jay (Jei, J… who knows)

Raikage: Whaaat!?

…and they look like they are starting a meeting after sending off a letter to Konoha indicating that they are going to kill Sasuke

Translator’s note: Judging from the spoiler pics, it seems like this meeting may involved all 5 “kages” from the 5 major countries… like a summit…

—————————– End of Spoiler ———————————