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Naruto 430 – Predictions, Spoilers and everything under the sun!


————————————-Update on Spoiler 1: Confirmed —————————————–
Naruto 430
Naruto 430

Visual: Clothes like the 4th

Naruto goes back (looks shaded on a scroll, he has a cape thing like the 4th)

Naruto can’t recognize the place due to all the destruction

Iruka, Shikamaru (father son) Chouji (father son) Kiba (mother son) are alive

Kakashi…still not sure but he’s in 1 panel.

Hiashi was away from the town (or on patrol, not sure…)

Tsunade has used souzouzaisei and given all her chakra to Katsuya to help everyone (the mark on her forehead is gone)

Enma (told?) Animal Pain to summon all the others, Asura (bean) Pain who was all smashed up, was eaten by Enma, the he reappeared out of Enma’s mouth.

Gathering all the chakra in tendou was risky, Konan offers to treat him

Bean pain(Demon realm (the one that Kakashi destroyed, that with a lot of arms and faces)) goes after Tsunade but Naruto kills him instantly.

Naruto’s instant kill was when Bean pain said to Tsunade ‘I’m not interested in you’ while flying at her and firing (something?) from his hand, naruto says ‘It’s my you’re interested in, right!!’ punches Asura into peices. Like when Sakura smashed Sasori’s shell

Naruto then he tells ‘granny’ to go and drink some tea and relax

Tsunade doesn’t age. The mark on her forehead is gone. Anbu guys mumble (think) about the mark being gone and how all her chakra is going through Katsuya. Tsunade is not dying but very weak. If Naruto wasn’t there she would have been skewered

Naruto’s back is reminiscent of the Fourth Hokage and Jiraiya’s backs.

Final page is Naruto ‘Let’s FINISH this’

———————————— End of Update on Spoiler 1—————————————-

What do you think will happen next? Seriously I am tired of thinking what will happen next. We come up with all these cool predictions and suddenly Kishi just dropped a bombshell (literally!) on us. What can we say now? Although, I must say that I’ve been so-called disturbed by the image of this scroll:

Naruto Scroll

It could be that the toad’s summon comes in time to just save Konoha from total annihilation. Who knows….At the rate we’re going, I don’t even know what will happen next.

Do you?


Naruto 420 *Spoiler*

That time of the week is here again! More spoilers. What will it be this time? What will happen to Naruto? What will happen to Konoha with Pein invading it? How about Madara or Sasuke? The Sharingan-ers will surely have something up their sleeves as well. What will Akatsuki do without completing the extraction jutsu?

—————————— Start of Spoiler—————————————
Naruto 420

Naruto 420
Iruka runs to a heavily injured ninja

But he encounters Pein…

Pein: Tell me where the jichuriki is. Otherwise you’re dead.’

Iruka (he’s from akatsuki…) I’ve no intention of telling someone like you

here a black pole is about to stab iruka when kakashi interupts
Naruto 420
Kakashi: You’re really going to town huh? drawing everyones attention so you can search every nook and cranny?

Kakashi tells the other ninjas to back off.

Kakashi fires up a chidori but for some reason it’s dodged

“Hatake kakashi….it’s a pleasure ot meet you. where’s the kyubi?

Kakashi: that’s a dumb question

*kakashi tries chidori again but is sent flying by an ‘attack wave’*

meanwhile Naruto…
Naruto 420
Apparently Sage mode has a risk with it.When naruto hears that (the risk is that in order to do it you need to be completely still which is impossible in battle)(but in order to remove the risk Fukasaku will sit on his shoulder)

Back in konoha

‘zune works out what the black pole isIt’s a chakra conductor (It’s not explained in greater detail)

Then Ino’s papa arrives at the brain?

At that time fat Pein fires a LAZER from his head and causes a huge expolsion

hinata, shino, kiba: !?
Naruto 420
chouji, ino: !

ino: what the hell’s that?g

Tsunade: (he finally came, huh?) sound the emergency alarm. After that…..order Naruto back
Naruto 420

——————————- End of Spoiler—————————————–

Here is the question. If Pein is soooooooo strong…. why does he have to answer to Madara? I mean how much more powerful can he get? Now I am very curious about what Madara can do. Is the Sharingan really that powerful? If it is, will we one day see Sasuke go back to Konoha and have a Naruto vs Pein / Sasuke vs Madara fight?

That’ll be really cool. Most likely more cool than the 3rd Hokage’s fight against Orochimaru (which was nonetheless one of the best if not the best fight so far since it showed a glimpse of the previous Hokages’ capabilities).

Speculations and more speculations. Kishi is really killing us isn’t he?