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Naruto 430 – Predictions, Spoilers and everything under the sun!


————————————-Update on Spoiler 1: Confirmed —————————————–
Naruto 430
Naruto 430

Visual: Clothes like the 4th

Naruto goes back (looks shaded on a scroll, he has a cape thing like the 4th)

Naruto can’t recognize the place due to all the destruction

Iruka, Shikamaru (father son) Chouji (father son) Kiba (mother son) are alive

Kakashi…still not sure but he’s in 1 panel.

Hiashi was away from the town (or on patrol, not sure…)

Tsunade has used souzouzaisei and given all her chakra to Katsuya to help everyone (the mark on her forehead is gone)

Enma (told?) Animal Pain to summon all the others, Asura (bean) Pain who was all smashed up, was eaten by Enma, the he reappeared out of Enma’s mouth.

Gathering all the chakra in tendou was risky, Konan offers to treat him

Bean pain(Demon realm (the one that Kakashi destroyed, that with a lot of arms and faces)) goes after Tsunade but Naruto kills him instantly.

Naruto’s instant kill was when Bean pain said to Tsunade ‘I’m not interested in you’ while flying at her and firing (something?) from his hand, naruto says ‘It’s my you’re interested in, right!!’ punches Asura into peices. Like when Sakura smashed Sasori’s shell

Naruto then he tells ‘granny’ to go and drink some tea and relax

Tsunade doesn’t age. The mark on her forehead is gone. Anbu guys mumble (think) about the mark being gone and how all her chakra is going through Katsuya. Tsunade is not dying but very weak. If Naruto wasn’t there she would have been skewered

Naruto’s back is reminiscent of the Fourth Hokage and Jiraiya’s backs.

Final page is Naruto ‘Let’s FINISH this’

———————————— End of Update on Spoiler 1—————————————-

What do you think will happen next? Seriously I am tired of thinking what will happen next. We come up with all these cool predictions and suddenly Kishi just dropped a bombshell (literally!) on us. What can we say now? Although, I must say that I’ve been so-called disturbed by the image of this scroll:

Naruto Scroll

It could be that the toad’s summon comes in time to just save Konoha from total annihilation. Who knows….At the rate we’re going, I don’t even know what will happen next.

Do you?


Naruto 429 is HERE!

Go read it online here at OneManga


What is going to happen next? Suddenly the whole Naruto series just seem like a large question mark. I would really like to see what the upcoming predictions will be like. Suddenly anything and everything seems possible.


Naruto 425: First Spoilers and Pictures

Ok. Ok. Ok. As you can see, I am getting kinda anxious on what will happen in 425. I’ve had 2 threads on 425 simply because I just can’t wait to see if Kakashi is going to die OR NOT? I suppose that’s the question that has been floating around for the past 2 weeks and I am sure I am not the only one who is going almost insane just thinking about it. Who will die this time!?!?!?! Kakashi? Tsunade? or…………………it could just be a false alarm.

———————–Fragments supposedly from Naruto 425 ———————

this is my life, i am going to die
3rd page(after pakkun and dogs were summoned)
pain:summoning?that ninja shouldn’t have enough chakara left for it.
pakkun:we got here in time, but we have to get kakashi to a safe place
pakkun:the enemy’s too strong, its hard to even to run, i guess we’ll have to use that.
dogs:rowr rowr
also if ur wondering what it says on top, it says naruto, test version..i dunt have the exact translation for it but its something like that
according to that spoiler the chapter name is hope

———————–End of Fragments——————————-

———–Start of 2nd Spoiler——————–
Quite a number of sources claimed that this is confirmed. BUT BUT BUT…… it doesn’t look real and the story line doesn’t sound like Kishi. =(

Well I’ll let you decide k.

Naruto 425
Naruto 425

Obito “I don’t care what people in the village’d say…you’re a great jounin” “I’m about to die…” “Rin will depend on you from now on”
Obito …
I can only be your eye this far.
I also failed to keep the promise to protect Rin. Please forgive me.
Obito, Rin, Sensei
I am joining you soon.
Kakashi is walking in the dark.
Kakashi “!”
Kakashi “So you’re here…”
“May I hear what happened to your?”
Kakashi “Ah…it’s a long story. Let me tell you slowly”
“Ah, alright”
Kakashi smiles.
Kakashi “Dad”
Kakashi’s head faces down. Motionless.
A part of Asura’s head falls on the ground.
Fusion is not successful.
The Kyuubi is rejecting Fukasaku.
Naruto “…”
Naruto “How can this be! What have I been working so hard until now for?”
The female Pain reaches where Ino is.
Kuchiyose no jutsu.
The female Pain summons a strange creature and it’s barely restrained by the ANBU.
Kuchiyose no jutsu!
Another one is summoned and it heads towards Ino.
Shizune “What’s this?”
Female Pain sees the black rod in Shizune’s hand. “So it’s here”
Ino’s dad (what?)
Ino’s dad “I’d seen that girl before…what’s going on!?” “That should be the corpse!”
The restrained summon also breaks out.
Shizune “Please tell it in more details! We maybe able to work this out!”
Ino’s dad “But right now…”
Ibiki “Leave this to ANBU and me!”
Ino’s dad “Ibiki!”
Shizune “Let’s go! We need to find out Pain’s secret!”
Konohamaru is panting.
Konohamaru amidst the chaos!?

The End.

——————– End of 2nd Spoiler ————————–

First Spoiler ( I am pretty sure this is a fake but what the heck..just for some fun reading first)

425: Those left behind
The cover picture is the KIA memorial and team Minato. It abruptly goes to a slide-show description of Kakashi’s past. Sakumo also makes an appearance.
At Obito’s (and others’ ) funeral, Rin and Kakashi lay down flowers. We see Obito’s goggles. Close-up of the Sharingan.
Without changing the Sharingan, what it sees becomes the Kyuubi. Kakashi is in his ANBU outfit. Guy is there as well.
Kakashi and his team use a jutsu without effect. Guy and his team are injured by one of the Kyuubi’s attacks, and are treated by Rin’s medical team.
Kakashi: “That was sloppy…! Guy”
Rin: “It’s all right, they won’t die…!!”
The barrier ninjutsu protecting the medical area is torn open by the Kyuubi’s claws. A beam of chakra is shot towards there.
(Damnit…!!) Kakashi seemingly takes a direct hit, but it turns out to be Rin shielding him.
Rin: “I must protect my comrades… I definitely cannot die here…”
Kakashi realises he again couldn’t save Rin. He cries.
“Only you… please forgive me!!”
He uses the Raikiri, injuring the Kyuubi’s foreleg, but the Kyuubi attacks back with his tails, directly hitting him.
Kakashi disappears behind a barrier, but the Kyuubi attacks once again with a chakra beam, when the Yondaime appears at the targeted place.
Kakashi: “Sensei…”
Yondaime: “Relax Kakashi, I won’t let this monster destroy the village”
He summons Gamabunta and, for some reason, a huge scroll and looks behind him, smiling.
Yondaime: “It’ll soon be over”
Kakashi faints. When he wakes up, he’s in a hospital room and hears from Guy that the Yondaime died in battle.
After that, there’s once again a funeral scene. Kakashi swears an oath in front of the grave, then the flashback ends.

Kakashi looks up at the sky, seeing the faces of Minato, Obito, and Rin.
“…that’s right… I still…have something I should do…”
The figures of Minato and co change into those of Naruto and co.
“You guys are living in a new era…”
After that, he closes his eyes
(This will be the last time… Lend me some strength, Obito…!!)
Summoned dogs appear, escaping from the rubble.
“I’ll be fine… apart from that, take this and go the place I specified” “Go!”
The dogs disperse
“You didn’t watch your back, Hatake Kakashi…”
Asura Pain appears behind Kakashi, stabbing him with a special new electrical saw.
“No… with this, you can’t escape”
He uses an extra-large Raikiri. The cloth on his arm and his mask are torn away by the electrical current, revealing Kakashi’s face.
“Your future is death…!!”
The extra-large Raikiri tears Asura Pain into very small pieces.
It ends with Sakumo, Minato and co watching over Kakashi as he uses up his last power.

——————— End of First Fake Spoiler —————————


Naruto 424 is here!

LOL. Are we going to speculate if Kakashi is going to die again? Honestly, I think the spoiler was FAR more interesting.

Get it here at One Manga.

Naruto 424


Naruto 424 Spoiler

It’ll be interesting if this one is true…


Source: Nero
Kakashi has a nail in his forehead.
Kakashi: i’m losing it, Not now please, not like this. My chakra in uncontrolable.
Pain: I am now yours to be obeyed. May Pain be known to all.
Kakashi: …
Kakahi stands up, head down, then looks up. We see a metol rod on his forehead.The right eye has the Rinnengan but the left eye is shut this time.

Pain: Finish them off then meet me at the Entrance point.
Kakashi: Hmmph.
Kakashi hits chouji’s dad with Raikiri.
Chouji’s dad: what….?
Kakashi walks off into the far distance.
Chouji: YOU!
Chouji’s dad: STOP!

Iruka comes back to the scene
Iruka: What happened?
Chouji: Kakashi is dead…
Iruka: Kakashi….

In the image we then see Pain with all the other bodies + kakashi.

Pain: Naruto, be prepared here we come.

Next week: Secret unveiled.


Naruto 423 Spoiler

No I don’t have the spoiler yet. I doubt it will arrive so early. Possibly tomorrow the earliest. However it is interesting to note the cool shit that happened in 422. Pein kicking Kakashi’s ass or should I say Pein kicking everybody’s ass. The invasion of Konoha is definitely heating up. Naruto is still no where to be seen while Tsunade has arrived. I was actually wondering:

1. Why did Pein expose himself to Konoha in such open fashion? Isn’t that tantamount to giving Konoha the opportunity to learn about his jutsus and being captured or has he gotten too arrogant for his own good? I thought a Shinobi’s approach is to be nimble and subtle?
2. It’s kinda strange that 2 years with Jiraiya and Naruto didn’t demonstrate that he has learned a lot while a short time with froggies and he learned Sage mode. WtF?

We shall see what is going to happen within the next few days. Meanwhile, feel free to post your predictions.

Just got this image. It looks like Kakashi is being owned.
Naruto 423

*Update 2*
I think this has been going around so here is a glimpse of what’s coming up for Naruto 423.
Naruto 423
Naruto 423
Naruto 423
Naruto 423

——- Start of Spoiler———

First, Chouji’s dad remarks how awesome Kakashi is.*

*You’d have to frequent 2 ch to get what the poster is saying.

Kakashi explains Pain’s powers and what their battle plan will be.

[Pain’s] power would appear to be the manipulation of gravity.*

*any force of attraction and repulsion, really.

Then [Kakashi] asks father and son to help, and they commence their attack.

Explaining the plan’s a drag so I won’t – suffice it to say father and son manage to restrain Pain.*

*The whole explaining the plan is a drag thing is a remark from the poster. 

Kakashi activates Raikiri, but The Ashura Man* stands in front to the cool guy* to blunt the attack with his body.

*Ashura Man: The Path of Ashura

cool guy: The Path of the Heavens (Yahiko)

Everyone: It moved again!? Kakashi: (please make it in time*)

*not sure if his attack’s not connected yet, or if he’s referring to something else.

There’s going to be a fusion (Naruto and Fukasaku?)

Pain: Doesn’t seem they/you(?)’re just pretending to be unable to move.

Kakashi: Too late…

Looking around, [Kakashi] sees Chouji and his dad, as well as the other reinforcements, all blown to the ground (looks like the cool guy’s doing)

Pain: It’s obvious you’re no kagebunshin. Consider yourself dead. (Better to err on the side of caution – I’m not about to make the mistake of going in close).

Takes some nails from the ground and points them at Kakashi.

Pain: Know pain!

Kakashi: True, there’s no dodging it from this distance…


———— End of Spoiler—————–

Not that great of a spoiler but I’ll try to keep everyone updated once I can find more new stuff around. I sure hope Kakashi doesn’t die. That would suck real major balls if that happen. We haven’t even had the chance to see Kakashi show how great a shinobi he is. Like from the anime, suddenly he could use Rasengan and he’d always comes up with some of the coolest moves around.

It’s not his time yet. Fucking Kishi, toying with our feelings.


————– Spoiler 2 ——————-

Source: 2ch,net
Credits: mEu7QoCCO

Kakashi: I know his power, now i can engage in real battle.
Pain: …
Kakashi: I must be careful though, there’s something about him that makes him unpredictable.
Pain throws ball.
Kakashi dies.
But it’s another Bunshin.
Kakashi comes from underground to land an uppercut.

Naruto is in mountains still training.
Fukasaku: Naruto, about the kyuubi, you should know that absorbing Nature chakra surpresses the quantity of kyuubi chakra in you. By surpressing it you minimize the risk of going to 4 tails. But if you run out of Nature chakra in a matter of seconds then that chakra which is compressed in you might explode and you’ll feel a certain burst of energy.
Naruto: What’s your point?
Fukasaku: Use it well.

Tsunade is helping civilians.
Sakura: Go help the village, i’ll take care of them.
Tsunade: Pain, here i come.
Prepare the special forces, Everyone target Pain.

Pain closes his eyes, and reopens them, he cites a jutsu and the chapter ends.

Next chapter: God is revealed.

———————– End of Spoiler 2——————————-

Very different but I would lean towards the first spoiler since the earlier image showed Kakashi being owned. Could both spoilers be true for this chapter?


Kakashi vs Pain: Naruto 422 Available Now!

You can now read the Naruto chapter 422 online courtesy of One Manga

Naruto 422